Hi there, my name is Jim Fonseca. I’m transitioning into data science and just finished The Data Incubator bootcamp. Before this career pivot, I focused on high performance computing and developing software for scientists with a focus on usability. Here’s my resume in PDF. And here are my publications on Google Scholar.

I most recently helped with developing NEMO5, a NanoEletronic MOdelling tool in the lab of Dr. Gerhard Klimeck at Purdue University. NEMO5 allows atomistic calculations of nanostructure properties. It runs on the nanoHUB which is a cyberinfrastructure for the development, deployment, and use of scientific tools. Here’s a recent presentation I gave on nanoHUB tools and our testing system for NEMO5.

Before that I researched the selectivity and permeation properties of ion channels using reduced-model simulations in the lab of Dr. Bob Eisenberg in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology at Rush University in Chicago. You can see a presentation on this research here.


Here are other ways to connect! (I’m more active on some than others).