Socky the Sock Storer

One of its kind! I made this and submitted to Quirky. Their “expert review” didn’t like it but I think it’s pretty spiffy.

edit (8/8/15) The Quirky item has been archived so I’ve added that text here. The newer version has bungee cords rather than the chain link.

No more digging through drawers to find the right socks! See them all at once and get your favorite pair fast.

What problem does your idea address?
No more grabbing navy blue socks when you wanted black ones. Your socks are no longer in the depths of a dark drawer early in the morning. Saves storage space. Who doesn’t want more storage space? No more digging for a particular pair of socks that you want. Easily find your favorite pair!

How does your idea solve this problem?
The hanging sock visualizer is a sleek top-loading sock container intended for mounting on a vertical surface. Clean socks are rolled into a ball and dropped in the top. The front of the hanging sock visualizer is made of a mesh fine enough to hold the socks, but with holes large enough that allow the socks to be pulled through. A decorative cover made out of cloth or similar material could be used to cover the entire device. The cloth is attached at the top of Socky and can simply be pulled back to see the socks. The current prototype uses bungee cords connected to a wooden frame. The overall size is 2 feet by 4 feet but of course different sizes and shapes could be made. An earlier prototype used chain link fencing is shown in some of the images. Both prototypes work equally well; I imagine the final product could be made with a plastic foundation and bungee cord. The device could have vertical dividers to separate white socks vs. colored socks. The bottom could have hooks for belts or to hang other items. Hang it anywhere–on the wall, back of a door, inside an armoire–any vertical surface. Different sizes, shapes possible.